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– never let yourself get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired. Physical activity does not have to be planned exercise; it may include taking the stairs, mowing the lawn, or playing with children. Even if you do gain weight when you quit smoking, the health risks of smoking are far greater…you would have to gain over 150 pounds to make your health risks as high as when you smoked. T. Keep your hands busy with doodling, crossword puzzles, knitting, or twirling a straw, pen, or pencil. When you quit smoking, you can breathe and get around more easily, and nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables taste better when you are not smoking. Find something that will replace smoking as a way to relax and do it consistently. The most important components of preventing weight gain when you quit smoking are: Physical activity To prevent weight gain at this time, you need to become more physically active. A craving only lasts about 5 minutes. Try not to do things that tempt you to smoke, such as drinking or socializing in a bar, or tempt you to eat when you're not hungry, such as bringing a bag of chips in front of the television. Snack on fruit or chewing gum to satisfy any sweet cravings.

Try to do at least 30 minutes of physical activities on most days, even if it is in a few shorter increments. Water retention may cause a deceptive weight gain of up to 5 pounds in the week after quitting smoking, but this is not a real weight gain, and your body will go back to normal. Try to stay positive, and try not to panic about modest weight gain; if you do gain weight, your healthy habits will help you lose the weight once your body gets back to normal.

To prevent extra snacking as a result of quitting smoking, do not try to quit smoking during a stressful period. If you need more guidance, talk to your doctor or dietitian.

Managing cravings Once you stop smoking, it is important to learn how to reduce your cravings for both cigarettes and food. Not everyone gains weight when they stop smoking, but the average weight gain is about 10 pounds.

Not everyone gains weight when they stop smoking, but the average weight gain is about 10 pounds. L. These can help prevent a relapse, and nicotine gum has been shown to reduce weight gain. A. This can cause extra stress that can lead to extra snacking, especially over the holidays when more food is around, or relapsing back into smoking to cope with the stress.

Article Source: How to Stop Smoking

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